Vedant Khairnar

Cyber Security and Machine Learning Enthusiast

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Hello World!!

Please stay @ Dont be

I am a proGrAMmER {Decode it},.

Thoughts I believe in

Use your Brain as a Processor, not as a HardDisk!

Corrupt Fear US, The Honest Support US,

The Heroic join US, Everyone Expect US

Data is flowing like a river !!!

Privacy is just an Illusion!!!

>> I live in my terminal!!

!n [email protected]@ WE Trust !

In a DEEP Life :)


Tech I fonder

Skill Collage here
All the things I love

I do stuff

I code to Innovate.

I am a Application developer from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. PYTHONIC in nature. Interested in Kali Linux. I love to make applications which people can use.

When I'm not writing code, I enjoy music, playing and making Games and love exploring other fields like Chemistry and Astronomy.

My Work Experience

Tesselate Imaging

Application Developer Intern June 2020 - present

Krish Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Project Intern 2019 2m

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Software Engineering Virtual Experience May 2020


Student Partner (MSP) Sept 2019 - Present

Developer Student Club RCOEM powered by Google

Core Team Member Jan 2020 - Present

Tesseract Coding-MSP

AI Mentor May 2020 - Present

QPower Community-MSP

Core Team Member Apr 2020 - Present

Code Breakers (RCOEM)

Code Expert Sep 2019 - present

Coding Blocks

Campus Ambassador Nov 2019 - Present

Coding Ninjas

Campus Ninja Mar 2020 - present


Internshala Student Partner (ISP) 17 Mar 2020 - present

IIT Home

Technical Organiser 2017 - present

Some of my Research Papers and Blogs

Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Feb 3,2020
Twitter Sentiment Analysis
International Journal of Engineering,Research and Technology
June 24, 2020
Chest X-Ray COVID-19 Detection
Residual Deep CNN for classification of COVID-19 in X-Ray using MonkAI
Read More
May 19,2020
Adaptive Traffic Control System
No need for static timer for traffic signals anymore
Read More
Coming Soon!!
Might be a blog or a Research Paper
Some words from a developer..
Stay Tuned

I make stuff

Here are some of my projects.

>>> print("Hi!, I would love to talk")

Hi! I would love to talk

I'm always looking for opportunities to work on exciting projects. Let's make something great, together!

My Cyber Address

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